TiCa Secco

Let's introduce you to our wine.

TiCa Secco

We are now pleased to present a semi-sparkling wine in a can with an authentic taste experience.

The wine is made from the noble Glera grape which gives the wine its characteristic freshness and fruity taste.

TiCa Secco is made according to traditional winemaking methods and undergoes a rigorous quality control to ensure
an unparalleled taste experience.

With a can, it’s convenient. Of course made of recyclable aluminium. It weighs little, is easy to open and is durable, both in terms of materials and from an environmental point of view. The design is elegantly feminine and exudes quality.

Simply, Italian sparkling love in a can.

Vino Frizzante
A fresh and light fruity flavor with floral ­notes, citrus and a crisp semi-dry character.

Veneto & Friuli
From the finest wine-growing regions in Italy.

200 ml
To share with friends, with some fresh dishes or something sweet. Served at 8-10 °C.

The Glera grape
Glera is a white grape variety that has been cultivated in northern Italy for centuries.

Sophisticated tiny bubbles that pleasantly effervesce in the mouth.